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Update 4 (FINALS)

Congratulations again on having made it this far in the competition! Don’t forget to tell all your family and friends to watch ZBM TV9 on Monday, May 20th from 8-10pm.

During a live television broadcast, we will reveal the top 20 acts to Bermuda and we will ask that the community vote for their favourite act.

Voting can be achieved

  1. via phone 295-1150 - until 10pm on Monday, May 20th
  2. online at www.bygt.bm  -until midnight of Sunday, May 26th
  3. via texting your first name (or group name) to 2452- until midnight of Sunday

Each text is $2.99.
It is a minimum of $5 per vote if you call in during the show and $5 per vote if you go online. People may vote as many times as they like.

All proceeds go to the programs of the Coalition for the Protection of Children. To find out more about these programs go to www.coalition.bm

Please note that we intend to show you in your best light so if the judges thought you may have performed better during your original audition, we may choose to air that.
The May 24th parade is the contestants’ last opportunity to solicit votes from the general public so finalists are asked to make signs and/or banners with their names on them and march in the parade. Last year, the three finalists who missed the parade, received the lowest amount of votes so it is very important that you be there! Please meet in the TCD parking lot at 10am on Friday to collect your T-shirts and take a group photo. A family member or friend may join you if you like. If any of these instructions change you will be called by a member of our team. Please provide a cell phone number where you can be reached at any time.

Please also note that this was a very difficult decision and that all of you are winners as far as we are concerned.

Update 3 (FINALS - TOP 20 revealed!!!)

WATCH ZBM TV9 on Monday, May 20th starting at 8pm to find out who made the top 20!

IT'S the FINALS, IT'S VOTING TIME!!!!...YES, its time to find out who made the top 20 and which contestant will come out on top (via the MOST votes by you!!!).

You can VOTE online, by text or by phone (during the show).

ALL contestants are invited to the May24th parade...this is a great opportunity to get some VOTES!! Please email kelly.cpc@logic.bm for more info

Update 2 (April 1st 2013)

The BYGT team would like to congratulate everyone who auditioned for Season 2!!!
All of you should be very proud of yourselves! It was an extremely difficult decision for the judges and they want everyone to feel like a winner because it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that. Please come out and support your fellow contestants on Friday, April 12th at 6pm in the RSJ Theatre at Cedarbridge Academy.  Round 2 contestants are listed below.  Please note that everyone’s audition tape (in part) will be shown during the ZBM evening news, beginning the week of April 8th.
Everyone is invited to come out and represent BYGT as an alumni contestant during the May 24th parade. For more details, please continue to visit our website for updates.

Thank you again for auditioning; please continue to pursue your talent and come out again for Season 3.

Congratulations to Round 2 contestants:

WPS West Pembroke Cheerleaders
Tyshae Virgil
The Simons Brothers
Tamara Jones 
Shori-Lindsay Trott
Rhema Webb Hollis
Reza Suhartono
Quinn Outerbridge
Precious Cooper
Mya Pratt
Micah Coreia
Kyrsten Burrows
Julia Frith
Francesca Dill
FAMOUS –Sedona Sky Duffy & Zayla Bolin
Faiz Shakir
Connie Cambell
Ci’re Bean
Chiante Roberts 
Cameron Moulder
Angelis Hunt
Amon Wedderburn
Ameina Lewis


Update 1 (March 25th 2013)

Thank you for auditioning!
Our judges have a difficult task ahead! We will be emailing everyone once they have reviewed all of the footage. You should hear from us by Thursday, March 28th.








Press Releases

Possible Acts
Include (but are not limited to):

  • singing
  • all styles of individual or group dance
  • comedy
  • poetry
  • monologue
  • skit
  • double dutch/ jump roping
  • gymnastics
  • stepping
  • magic trick(s)
  • pet trick
  • hula hoop tricks
  • puppet theatre
  • musical instrument performances
  • contortionism








  • Participants must be 17yrs or under (as of May 1st 2013)
  • Individuals or groups have a maximum time limit of 2 minutes to display their talent. 
  • Only music, lyrics, dress, and acts appropriate for elementary-age audiences will be permitted. No profanity or inappropriate material will be accepted for review
  • Each contestant must have / bring their permission form signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate in the show
  • Signup deadline is at 5pm on Friday March 15th 2013
  • If you are unable to signup online, participants must hand in their forms to the designated BYGT rep at their school no later than 3:00pm on Friday, March 15th 2013.
  • Music must be brought to your audition on a CD or iPod, clearly labelled with the title, track number, and performer’s name(s) Your CD must be performance ready with any necessary editing complete. Please keep in mind that CD’s may NOT be returned and BYGT will not be responsible for any missing or scratched CD’s. Please make sure that all iPods are fully charged
  • Only one audition per contestant will be permitted
  • You must arrive a minimum of 20 minutesbefore your audition time









The FINAL Contestants

The FINAL Contestants!!! (HIGHLIGHTS)

See below Videos for FULL LENGTH Individual Performances


Rhema Webb Hollis


The Simons Brothers


Amenia Lewis


Angelis Hunt


Connie Cambell


Mya Pratt


Shori-Lindsay Trott


Julia Frith


Tamara Jones


Faiz Shakir


Cameron Moulder


Chiante Roberts


Tyshea Virgil


Micah Coreia


West Pembroke Cheerleaders (WPS)


Quinn Outerbridge


Francesca Dill


Ci're Bean


Precious Cooper




Round 2

Round 2






Once again, it's time to show Bermuda just how talented its youth are! During Season 2 of BYGT show, students will showcase their talent during an island wide television broadcast airing on ZBM on Monday, May 20th, 2013

Youth are invited to show off their dance moves, instruments, voices or other talent for an act under TWO minutes.  All acts (in part) will be featured during ZBM's nightly news with the top twenty acts to be showcased during a live telethon event. To participate please complete a participation form and permission slip. Click here to Sign Up (NOW CLOSED)

Auditions for those who have signed up, will take place at the Ruth Seaton James Theatre located at Cedarbridge Academy starting on Thursday, March 21st ending on Saturday, March 23rd

Once you have completed the sign up form, you will receive notification via email. After our deadline on Friday, March 15th, 2013 at 5pm) is reached; you will receive an additional email letting you know your exact audition time and day. Please arrive a minimum of 20minutes before your audition time. If you are not present, no additional auditions will be allowed.

For any questions, please contact Kelly Hunt at kellylynn@logic.bm, or 295-1150









VIDEO: The FINAL Contestants!!!
See Full Performances of each contestants - click here


Voting can be achieved:

  1. online at www.bygt.bm  -until midnight of Sunday, May 26th 2013
  2. via texting your first name (or group name) to 2452- until midnight of Sunday, May 26th 2013

Each text is $2.99. CellOne monthly customers will see a $2.99 deduction for each text vote sent on their next invoice.  Standard plan rates apply in addition to the $2.99 deduction for CellOne Prepaid customers

It is a minimum of $5 per vote if you call in during the show and $5 per vote if you go online. People may vote as many times as they like.

All proceeds go to the programs of the Coalition for the Protection of Children. To find out more about these programs go to www.coalition.bm


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